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Page Updated: 4-28-12

34250.) ANDERSON, JON LEE: ->Guerrillas: Journeys in the Insurgent World. PB:Penguin Books: New York, 2004.
3rd Edition 280 pgs., $1.99 Wraps trade ed., a fine copy.

2765.) ASPREY, ROBERT B.: ->War In the Shadows: The Guerilla In History. HC:Doubleday & Co.: New York, 1975.
BC Edition 1475 pgs., $15 Both volumes are v/g in v/g d/js. A two volume work which begins with Darius's attempt
to suppress the Scythians and ends with the Vietnam War.

3930.) BELL, J. BOWYER: ->The Myth of the Guerrilla: Revolutionary Theory and Malpractice. HC:Alfred A. Knopf:
New York, 1971. 1st Edition 285 pgs., $6 Remiander mark bottom edge, o/w a v/g copy in a v/g d/j. Author served
as a staff member of the Harvard's Center for International Affairs at the time of the book's writing. He presents three
case studies-revolts in central and southern Africa, the Palestine-Israeli conflict, and Che Cuevara's Bolivia. Argues
that guerrilla-revolution is ineffective in military terms.

2738.) BOULLE, PIERRE ->My Own River Kwai. HC:Vanguard Press: New York, 1967. 214 pgs., $12.5 Spine
slightly cocked, o/w a v/g copy in a v/g d/j. Author served with Free French Mission and infiltrated into Indochina in
1942 from Kunming. He was capture but escaped in 1944, then served with Special Force, Calcutta till end of the
author. Yes, he also wrote 'Planet of the Apes.' Title first published in France by Rene Julliard in 1966.

27423.) GALULA, DAVID: ->Pacification in Algeria, 1956-1958. PB:Rand Corp.: San Monica, CA, 2006. Rep.
Edition 298 pgs., $29.5 Wraps trade ed., a very fine copy. Book has a new foreword by Bruce Hoffman.

27418.) LONG, AUSTIN: ->On Other War: Lessons from Five Decades of RAND Counterinsurgency Research.
PB:Rand Corp.: San Monica, CA, 2006. 101 pgs., $19.5 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy.

2750.) MALLIN, JAY and ROBERT K. BROWN:->Merc: American Soldiers of Fortune. HC:Macmillian Publishing Co.:
New York, 1979. 1st Edition 216 pgs., $1.95 A v/g copy in a v/g d/j. A number of soldiers of fortune are profiled in
this book, including a chapter on George Bacon and his assignment to Laos. Several pages of pictures from Bacon's
personal collection.
2795.) MAO TSE-TUNG: ->Selected Works of Mao Tse-Tung, Vol. IV. HC:Foreign Language Press: Peking, 1969.
459 pgs., $7.5 Ex-library, a v/g copy.

27661.) MARKS, THOMAS A.: ->Maoist People's War in Post-Vietnam Asia. PB:White Lotus, Ltd.: Bangkok, 2007.
1st Edition 432 pgs., $29.95 Wraps trade ed., a brand new copy, mint conditon. Author compares the Asian cases of
Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Nepal-with Peru used as a prominent out-of-area Maoist standbearer and
then examines the strategy and operational art that make people's war such a devastating technique armed politics.

Counterinsurgency . PB:Narmic: Philadelphia, PA, 1970. 104 pgs., $6 Wraps, foxing of pages, o/w a v/g copy.
This publication is a project of the American Friends Service Committee.

2807.) OSANKA, Ed. FRANKLIN MARK: ->Modern Guerrilla Warfare: Fighting Communist Guerilla Movements,
1941-1961. HC:Macmillian Publishing Co.: New York, 1966. 4th Edition 519 pgs., $15 A v/g copy in a v/g d/j.

2808.) PARET, PETER and JOHN W. SHY:->Guerrillas in the 1960's. PB:Frederick A. Praeger, Pub.: New York,
1966. 5th Edition 98 pgs., $6 Wraps trade ed., a v/g copy. This study was published for the Princeton Unviersity

2654.) SULLY, FRANCOIS: ->Age of the Guerilla: The New Warfare. HC:Parents Magazine Press: New York, 1968.
255 pgs., $7.5 A v/g copy in a v/g d/j. A 'Background Book Series' title for sharp high school students. A real period
34251.) WEIR, WILLIAM: ->Guerrilla Warfare: Irregular Warfare in the Twentieth Century. Wraps trade ed., a mint


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